July 30th, 2014

The False Mirror

Простые слова - сложные понятия или Da net, navernoe

Коллега novy_chitatel наверняка про сайт http://betterthanenglish.com давно в курсе, а я только сегодня увидел.
Вот к примеру:

Dolilyts (Ukranian) - To lie with your face turned down to the ground.

Vedriti (Slovene) - ‘Vedriti’: verb, infinitive
To take shelter from the rain and wait for it to finish so you can go on your way.

Chindogu (Japanese) - Something that solves a particular common problem, but is useless otherwise.

Mörkrädd (Swedish) - Fear of the dark.

Kombinować (Polish) - Working out an unusual solution to a complicated problem, somehow acquiring things that are not available in the process. Involves a breach of the law or social etiquette.
Pronounciation: com-bi-no-vach