December 1st, 2007


Pharaohs of the Russian Empire

Pharaohs were not merely kings of Egypt, they were gods of Egypt. According to Egyptian mythology, god Osiris was the first pharaoh of Egypt back in the Golden Age. Then, he was killed by his brother Seth. His wife, Isis, the goddess of life, put Osiris together and revived him with her magic long enough to get pregnant with their son, Horus, who took his father's place as a legitimate ruler of Egypt and the Universe. As such, he was considered an incarnation of Osiris.

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However, the sun still raises over the horizon every morning. For an Ancient Egyptian it would mean just one simple thing: somewhere, somehow, the line of God-Emperors survived providing Ra an incentive to fight each day for the very existence of our world. Where is he now, the modern incarnation of Horus and Osiris? Did they flee the country in the 20th Century or still live somewhere in the vast land that was ruled by their forefathers? Who knows?...

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